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This gaming group seeks players

I'm looking for one new player for a game that is starting on or around March 24th, 2011.

The game is a Mage: the Awakening game, but not in a standard setting.

The premise is that, some time ago, something killed off human civilization. And a good majority of the humans. The game is very POST apocalyptic in that it happened at least two generations before the characters were even born.

Also, being a Mage game, it was most likely something supernatural.

Let me rewind a bit to describe part of the setting - okay, actually, it's rewinding a lot. Around the time of the Ice Age, in real life, humanity was reduced to only 10,000. (Actually, if I'm remembering right, these were more like "pre" human humans, if that makes any sense.) Some anthropologists refer to this as "The Great Bottleneck." The event that ended civilization in this world would be a second Great Bottleneck - almost, but not quite, wiping out all of humanity.

Anyway . . .

The characters are untrained mages who Awakened within a survivor community. And once their extra talents became known, they gained a slightly more important role within that community. A position of authority.

Since not enough Mages survived the end of the world, there was no one to train the PCs. They have the raw power of a Mage, but none of the benefits of belonging to an Order or being able to learn Rotes. (Which might not make sense if you haven't played Mage, but those are important things that help refine a Mage's abilities.)

So . . . characters have a decent amount of raw power, but not much in the way of finesse, at least at the beginning.

The big warning I gave all the players is that at the end of what I'll call the first act, there'll be a big event that will completely change the game. The only promises I made is that it won't involve time travel, the characters will remain mages, and will remain viable characters (and, in fact, I won't be forcing any changes on player characters). But I'll be honest that I couldn't maintain a long term Post Apocalypse game.

That's pretty much the gist of the game. I'll have handouts and such for this game, to explain the basics of character creation and the like. Especially since the setting changes a lot of how characters are made, that part will be new for all the players.

With World of Darkness, I like to tinker with the rules, especially after they released the Book of Mirrors, which is all about hacking the rules and making changes to the setting. I do use house rules, but I do send a copy to all players to print and read at their leisure, or to even bring to games.

(There are two specific changes for this setting that I won't bore you with right now.)



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