D&D 5th edition Indianapolis, IN

D&D 5th edition Indianapolis, IN
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This gaming group seeks players

Are you looking for adventure? Wanting to drive an ax into an ogre's skull? Incinerate a mob of zombies with a sphere of fire? Looking for just enough role playing to generate a good story without spending an entire session buying a sword from the local merchant?

Regarding the group, we are pretty laid back. I personally have been playing RPGs on and off since 1981. I'm open to new players.

While the story lines are generally serious - i.e. nothing "goofy", the social interactions are usually humorous. We lean more towards the tactical rather the role-playing. So if you're looking for deep character development and character interactions, you might be disappointed.

We're looking for players to join a new Dungeons and Dragons 5th edition dungeon crawl open table campaign in Indianapolis, IN.

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