Ministry of Game

Gaming Club on the North Shore
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This gaming group seeks players


Ministry of Game is a gaming club on the North Shore of Sydney, set up specifically to help players find games, gamemasters to find players, gamers to meet other gamers, and everyone to have a safe, convival and nice place to run and play their games every week.

We are based in Waitara, Sydney, where we run several roleplaying games on Tuesday nights every week during school term. Outside of school term, we generally just hang around and play games and have fun together without as much structure. Anyone is welcome to come and join us!

Our group's website is - come and check it out.



  1. Ministry of Game Public

    1. Ministry of Game 2016 Term 3 - new games
    2. Term 4 (Our last in St Ives!)
    3. Feng Shui and Call of Cthulhu - LFP!
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