GM Needing Players (Hutchinson, MN)

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This gaming group seeks players

I am a GM who has recently run out of players, normally this wouldn't be a problem as I have two friends who can play consistently. But one of my friends came up to me wanting to play a game that would require more players. So I thought I would just invite people to play with us not just that game but pretty much any other tabletop rpgs. I am a very experienced GM having hosted over 12 different types of games. Also I have hosted games of upwards of 7 players, I much prefer around 4 though.

Anyway if you are interested or want to know more you can reach me at my email: I don't give out my phone number because crazy people have internet too.

Two requirements to play though:

One, you must be 17 or older, I plan some all nighters and I don't phone calls from angry parents disrupting the game.

Two, you must have transportation, I do not have a car if I did I am not a taxi company.



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