Northern New Jersey, Pathfinder, ages 21+

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This gaming group seeks players


Looking for mature minded steady players for high fantasy Pathfinder campaign(s)

I run a pretty liberal game. The only thing I don't allow are third party sources

Character Creation: Every character starts off with a 10 in each stat. From 11-14 it costs 1 point per stat increase From 15-16 it costs 2 points per stat increase From 17-18 it costs 3 points per stat increase (max base stat is an 18 before racial modifier) Thus, to have an 18 it would cost a total of 14 points. Since I like Heroic campaigns the starting point value is 30 and one can opt to gain additional points by lowering some stats (no lower than to an 8 before racial modifier). Each stat lowered grants a 1:1 point ration.

If you have a character in mind that you'd like to play, feel free to message me and I'll work as best as I can with you.

Newbies to Pathfinder, or in that matter to Roleplaying, are more than welcome!

Note: I have 5 small dogs (very friendly) so if you're allergic to dogs please don't join.

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