They Who Meet in Darkness

Okay, so far only one of us meets in darkness
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This gaming group seeks players

Okay, so there's only one member of this group so far (me). But we (I) hope to change that.

We (and by that, I mean I) meet in my basement with no fixed gaming schedule. We play whatever games the members feel like playing, which turns out to be whatever I happened to have set up on the game tables at that moment.

Likely game candidates include naval miniatures (anything from Pre-Dreadnought through WWII, plus a dabbling of Ancients, Napoleonics, and ACW naval); World War II in 6mm/microarmour; Generic Legions and Red Chicken Rising (sci fi/humour); and Slargeball (sports). I have a bunch of old SPI and Avalon Hill type board wargames, but haven't done much with them in many years.

I design and have published my own rules, so a lot of the games I run are either using rules I've written or designs I'm currently experimenting with. I do a lot with computer-assist wargame rules, so a lot of the games are computer-assisted.

I am interested in branching out, if other people are willing to provide the materials. I've been wanting for years to try Napoleonics and I've done some ACW. I'd even be interested in doing some "old school" style RPGs, like first edition Traveller or first edition AD&D.

I'm a non-drinker so there's no beer or other alcoholic beverages at games at my house, sorry.



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