looking for players for group

any and all welcome
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This gaming group seeks players

I am looking for new players in my area.our group use to be really big at one point but life has happened to the better part of us. we normally play one game a week on Wednesday nights but sometimes there is a chance for more play. we like to take turns running games and have no issues being player or storyteller/game master.we will play most any game out there. we like to change the systems sometimes to suit our needs(ie shadowrun system but we are playing starwars) and sometimes play games from systems we have made on our own. the games we play tend to get really story heavy and sometimes we go several sessions without even getting into combat but we do have fun also. any gamer is welcome young,old,new,experienced,male,female we are very friendly and take extra time with new players so that they fell comfortable so please if you are interested hit me up asap we are getting ready to which up games soon thank you for your time



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