Dragon's Chosen (Austin TX GURPS Friday night group)

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This gaming group seeks players


I am a member of and GM of a long term gaming group that runs alternate games on alternate Friday Nights. The group has been around since 2012 and we are hoping it stays around for quite a while more. The game held at a private residence on Howard near I-35 (North Austin)

Currently 6/21/118 our game or it seems likely that the game will be full. Feel free to contact me anyway and see if their are openings if you are interested as this does occasionally change

The games are mostly GURPS and very occasionally another system. We are gender balanced mostly made up of couples.

Our group is very rules light and a big fan of "if its fun then sometimes its OK if the rules say something different." Most games run 6 to 8 months on opposite Friday nights. As each game finishes submissions for the next game are presented and then all players vote on the next game and then world/character creation begins so that as the last game ends we are ready to start the next.

We are looking for easy going relaxed players (I wouldn't mind someone open to trying their hand at GMing sometimes) who take their commitment to the other players seriously. We are amiable to someone who only wants to join one game or someone who wants to join both. Someone from our gaming group (maybe 2 someones) would want to meet somewhere to chat a bit share a few stories and we can all see whether we would enjoy gaming together. Then we are amiable to you observing a game or joining right into one of the games (we might do an NPC the first game).

If you think we might be a good fit email me mehrkat at . Also feel free to contact me with any questions you have.

So far in our group we've run: Dragon's Chosen (a unique world medieval high fantasy where the characters started in Hogwarts type school), The Collapse (steampunk after the apocalypse), DragonLance/Spelljammer (GURPS style) Like Clockwork (Clones growing up in a Clockwork world leave to join the larger Star Wars universe), The Prince (dungeon crawl type adventure in HERO system -- GM left group we are unlikely to return to that system), The Making of a Hero (Normal Teenagers get superpowers eventually save the world and especially CostCo), There Must Be A Catch (alternate GM short game -- Leverage TV show essentially), and Cannon Fodder (all players are representatives of a Goblin Family constantly being replaced while going on a deadly quest -- picture Loony Toons meets Hail Overlord card game).

We are currently playing 1. The Mystery -- a game set in a world where magic is coming back but some very bad people are trying to bring it back faster and the adventurers are trying to find out how to stop them and maybe potentially bring back magic in a way that isn't horrible. In the Under -- Cyberpunk Transhuman world where it is possible to fall below the world into the sewers into that hidden society. Characters woke to find themselves with psychic powers and an enemy that forced them Into the Under. This has an alien conspiracy, several human conspiracies and the chance to bring the world into the modern age.

Some of the games that I'm planning to put up to the group for consideration (all in GURPS) though I can't promise I will get to run them anytime soon as the group decides on the concepts they like: -- Wheadonverse (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) in Space Opera -- pc's are good pirates fighting the good fight -- Scooby Doo esk game -- Monster Hunters but with the tales turned very light -- Bobby the Brain is funding you on a summer trip as long as you send him videos of your tales. Will actually be open to a scooby type character. -- Red Dragon Inn -- low power level Dungeon Fantasy with unique character types.

Ideally we are hoping for you to join one (or both) of the existing games and take part in the game voting and submission process when its time for that. The existing games are more than half into the story arch.



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