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Birthright using PathFinder Ruleset needs Players
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I DM the PathFinder ruleset in the Birthright setting.

I am looking for Players interested in a campaign heavy in investigation, role-playing, troubleshooting, problem-solving, diplomacy, and political machinations. Combat is generally for the weak of mind, those who cannot reach a resolution by any other outcome... but sometimes combat is unavoidable and can in itself send a political message if done just right. ;) I don't do/support the tactical tabletop combat component of PathFinder, combat is done with basic tactics and verbal descriptions. No miniatures, grids, or combat maps are used.

I have been DMing for over two decades, more than half of that time based in the Birthright campaign setting. It's politics and atmosphere are my favourite. I do not focus on the "Realm Management" side of the original Birthright setting. PCs can come from any background, but will begin with little fame or renown. The primary aim is to build your power, make allies, embarrass enemies, make a difference in the world, and make your legend grow.

Although I am usually involved in the tabletop format, there is the option to go virtual if there is enough interest. Using d20Pro along with Skype/TeamSpeak we can get a VTT game going if Players are geographically distant. Time of day will be dependent upon local time though.



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