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This gaming group seeks players

We are currently looking for players to join our fantasy campaign set in a world unlike any other. The Dragon-Blooded rule Creation with an iron fist. The Fair Folk skulk on the edges of reality, waiting for their moment to strike. The Deathlords amass a horde of Wyldlings at Nexus’ gate. How do the gentle people of the Realm hope to survive under such overwhelming odds? They turn towards the promise of an ancient prophecy, in which the gods send their avatars. A glimmer of hope twinkles in the darkness as Solars reawaken from their long slumber. You are a new breed of hero, one tied to the First Age. You are Exalted.

We will be using White Wolf’s Exalted rules. This will be a mini-campaign with a clear goal in mind. Your backgrounds help shape the world, inform the plot, and decide the major plot points.

To learn more about the campaign, story, and the group; please contact me. No prior knowledge of Exalted is necessary. Rules will be taught. Character creation should take no more than 45 minutes to an hour. The rules are easy to learn.

We are a group of gamers whose combined experience is old enough to have graduated college. We’ve played everything from D&D to Star Wars and from Crime Noir and Spies to Superheroes. Most recently we’ve played games in the Action System, FATE, and the Marvel Universe. We are also exploring the possibility of trying the new Fantasy Flight Star Wars game. We rotate GM duties and try to play between two and three Saturdays a month in Denver.


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