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Multi-system RPG group looking for members
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This gaming group seeks players


Newly forming RPG group looking for more members! Located in Safety Harbor, we are a group of players (one gamemaster/player) looking for some like-minded friends to join us! If you like running a game as well, hey, even better. We tend to emphasise the "roleplay" element over the "rollplay" styles of some other groups, but don't think those dice will get dusty. Location already secured, private residence.

Our past games have included: World of Darkness (OWoD, NWoD, and VTM20) Warhammer Fantasy (WFRP 2ed) FATE (Dresden, SotC, Homebrew) Star Wars (Saga Ed) Pathfinder Mutants and Masterminds (M&M 2e/3e) Unisystem (Buffy, Homebrew) Cortex (Supernatural)

Always willing to try out something new, we love picking up new systems.


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