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That was our mistake, perhaps one we will never be
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Light crashed in bright flashes and tremendous noise shook the very sky. Great winds tore with much violence at our meagerness. Flecks of green, ribbons of brown and flashes of crinkling white swirled around in maddening circles. The light timing itself with the resounding booms calling the angry grayness to burst forth with tiny cold sharpness. Howling winds ensured that what didn’t pelt us from above tore at our arms and legs from the sides.

Together we stood next to the chair of dead tree and iron that wrought pain, each holding a single rose of different colors. Where we had found them we couldn’t remember, however with each flower there was a sure and nagging feeling. We all knew there was an importance to them, yet we couldn’t wait to be rid of them. That was our mistake, perhaps one we will never be forgiven for.

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