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serious fun and badassery - need i say more? beer
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G.H.O.U.L.S. so i noticed there is huge vacancy in gaming groups on the west side of chicago... maybe its because everyone who games ont eh west side is too cool for groups or that we are all so effing uuber that we can solo any mod ever made and groups are for weaklings, well regardless i noticed that when i game and drink i feel like an alkie if i do it alone so i decided to make a meeting or forum for folks who are serious gamers. serious as in serious fun - dont harsh my mellow with yer rules lawyer know how to have a good time and do not take yerself too seriously or gaming too seriously. but be about some serious fun and badassery. i have noticed that gaming with people who are not at least moderately interesting or people who i could not sit in a room with for at least 4 hours is kinda tortuous. im looking to make a group that would be interested in gaming once or twice a month on the weekends for a good 5-7 hrs of gameplay each session give or take, just an outlet for good ole fashion roleplay fantasty asskicking. hit me up is this sounds like something you would be interested in.



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