Crook/Weardale RPG Group

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This gaming group seeks players

What this group is about

Looking to get a small group (3-5) of like-minded individuals together to play pen-and-paper RPG (such as Pathfinder, D&D). Planning to run single games or a semi-casual campaign - depending on interest and real-life commitments - either one evening during the week or at the weekend. If the group is small enough then I'm okay to run the game at my home otherwise I'm thinking of organising a venue in Crook town centre, maybe a community centre or a coffee shop.

Who should join your group

Whether you have just discovered the joys of pen-and-paper role-playing or you are grizzled veteran with years of experience, either as a player or GM, you are welcome. Regardless of gender, sexual-orientation, socio-economic background, food preferences, sport team affiliation, musical choice, etc you are also welcome. The only criteria that I have is that members are 17 - 18 yrs +, mature, reliable i.e. they will turn up to play, and have a keen interest in role-playing games. This stipulation is based on my own experience (I've been a player for 20+ years (and a GM for 2+ years) and sometimes games can contain mature content or elements and topics which younger players may find uncomfortable.



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