Pathfinder Campaign: Exile From Ashalon

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For one thousand years, the Ashalon Empire has governed the land with a fair, but strict hand, consolidating its power for 1000 years to become a large and impressive Nation that spans a entire continent.

It is now the year 1017 of the 4th Era, A time of peace and prosperity(for some), but rumors ripple across the stormy waters of the Arpaic Ocean of a strange new land filled with wealth and opportunity.

Standing before you now, a man garbed in the robe of a servant to the Empress, may she live forever, offers you a choice: join the Imperial Legion, helping to claim the New World in the Empress's name, and--after two years of service--you will be free to spend the remainder of your sentence exiled to New World; Reject her offer and spend the rest of your days rotting in this cell. Gingerly stroking your wrists, the skin rubbed raw from large, Blacksteel manacles, you consider (for a moment) and then make your decision.



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