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This gaming group seeks players

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I am a DM (or GM depending on what game you play), who has experience with everything from D&D (3rd AND 4th ed) to starwars, to World of Darkness, and also Warhammer Roleplay.

I am looking to bring some players together as my usual group find themselves far too busy over the last year. I really don't mind what game is used, I simply enjoy spinning a story. I would be looking to do a game once a week (or fortnight if time is short) and it would more than likely be held somewhere near Parramatta (where I base myself), though I am open to suggestions about that too.

I am also looking for groups who are already established, as I have rarely had the pleasure of using a player character and wouldn't mind a break from all the story planning every now and then.

Anywho, let me know.



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