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Round Table Games Friday Night Magi $5 to play standard, $15 to play draft; adds store credit equivalent to 1 1/2 packs per player into the prize pool. We try to give prizes to as many places as possible, plus every player gets 10 store points

Friday Night Magic is a weekly social gathering of Magic fans, hosted at your local friendly game store. Meet other players, play some games, check out new cards, test your latest deck designs, and most importantly, have fun!

All players are welcome at Friday Night Magic. It doesn't matter if you're just starting out, have played a lot of Magic Duels, or even if you've been playing at home or at school with friends for years, you'll find a new home-away-from-home at FNM. Many Friday Night Magic events feature an organized tournament for players who are ready for a little friendly competition, but if that's not your thing, don't worry! There's still plenty of fun to be had just hanging out and playing casual pick-up games with players who love Magic as much as you do.

You will earn 10 store points every time you play



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