Jackson NJ Area D&D, RPG & Miniatures Gaming Group!

Jackson NJ Area D&D, RPG & Miniatures Gaming Group
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This gaming group seeks players

"Jackson NJ Area D&D, RPG & Miniatures Gaming Group" is a tabletop Role Playing Game (RPG) and miniatures gaming group, that meets in the Jackson, New Jersey area.

We use Meetup to organize our events. Our site is: .

We currently meet every other Thursday night and Monday night in the opposite week, both from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. (For now, we are meeting during the week to avoid disrupting members' weekends and recognizing that everyone has other obligations.)

We are open to, both, new and experienced, respectful gamers. Our gamers age 17 to 70+. Gamers under 18 must have an adult present. While there are many group members, we currently have about eight-ish, on-again, off-again regulars.

We are currently playing Wizard's of the Coast's "Dungeons and Dragons, 5th Edition" (D&D 5E.) Other games that I would like to play include: a version of Game Designer Workshop's (GDW's) "Space 1889" RPG, the associated "Sky Galleons of Mars" miniatures game, Fantasy Flight Games' RPG "Only war," GW's "Warhammer 40,000," also known as 40K (non-competitive only) and Cool Mini or Not's (CMoN's) "Rivet Wars."

In the future, we may add additional nights for game sessions, add additional game organizers and additional locations as appropriate opportunities present themselves.

Gamers may bring snacks and age appropriate beverages to game sessions. Please be considerate, avoid excessively smelly foods, and drink responsibly.

While not prudes, during sessions, as a courtesy, please curb the use of curse words. Slips happen, so we have a "swear can." If one swears, drop some change in the swear can - don't wait to be asked. Rest assured, the intent is not to make money - just curb swearing.

We respect everyone's privacy! As such, parts of our group site at are kept private. Membership requires clear and honest answers to a few simple questions and requires a real photo of you. Rest assured, non-members cannot see any member information.

While we always always welcoming to new members, and active lurkers are welcome, please know that we are a group of gamers that get together in real life to game! We are not trying to add virtual members solely for the purpose of plus-ing up our number on Meetup.

I look forward to seeing you at a game!

Tom Jr.



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