Old school gamer's (ADnD 2e) south of Perth
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This gaming group seeks players

We are a group of old school gamer's located in a southern coastal suburb of Perth in Western Australia.

All current members of this group have a long history of playing the old school versions of AD&D. We play every 1-3 weeks (based upon DM working rosters) and operate on a calendar that is mapped forwards for Jan-Dec.

All games are run using "Theatre of the mind" game style. We enjoy rich NPC plots, player interactions, light banter and role playing.

Game sessions are very immersive as our DM utilizes custom software running in the background to control lighting, mood music and environmental sound ambiences.

The average age of members within this group is 49 (as of 2019).

There is a strict group policy of no drug use.

Seats Available/ Three may spare seats available for interested enthusiasts, who match the group profile and have a keen interest in playing the old school AD&D in "Theater of the mind" style of play.

*Note that we do have a vetting process (for our own safety), but if you are interested , it may be worthwhile for you to make contact with us.



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