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This gaming group seeks players

The Manhattan Gamers Guild is a NYC based meetup group that plays various RPGs on a regular basis. We're looking to expand our membership. Whether you have decades of experience or are totally new to RPGs, you're welcome to participate. If you're looking to try out particular systems and genres as a player, or run one you like as a GM, we're a good place to meet other roleplayers.

On most Thursdays, we have “One-Shot Thursdays”. If we have any volunteers to GM, we usually run a one-session game of various systems. This is good chance to try out different systems and genres.

If no one has a game ready to play, we just chat about games and gaming in general.

We’re only currently running one long term game – Spirit Of The Century, a FATE based game, based on the pulp hero novels of the 20’s and 30’s. Normally we play Tuesday nights. We're actively looking for other GMS to run other long term games.



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