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Need players in Bay City.
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This gaming group seeks players

Myself and my small band of adventurers are in dire need of re-enforcement.

Be you a cowboy, a wizard, or a spy, we cycle through various game systems, so there's always something going on.

We are, and generally take on, balanced players. By that, I mean having a good grasp of both the rules of the system (or, being able to pick up the basics quickly) and more importantly, acting the part of your character.

At the moment, I (Jacob, by the way) am specifically putting together a long term AD&D 2nd edition Planescape game. So far, four players are already selected, so only 2-3 more players are needed for this one.

However, that's no reason not to get in contact with us, since someone's always running a game of something or other.

Hope to see you at our table,



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