Post apocalyptic, new RPG group forming!

Seeking flexible fun players Tuesday nights
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This gaming group seeks players

Interested in something different? A new group is forming with the intention to try different games and systems, opportunities for playtests or guest GMs in between the main campaign meetings.

Our starting game will be either a post apocalyptic genre using vehicle combat probably worked from the After the Bomb and Road Hogs system. This will be based on relative interest from our players. Currently we have two members interested, spots open for another three or four.

If you like interesting roleplay situations mixed in with some of the more complex rules mechanics for combat then this should work nicely. Its been a while since I have run a campaign but I look forward to this and feel confident we can make a fun game that keeps moving and develops over the run of the campaign.

Meetings will probably be bi-weekly, or possibly monthly, Tuesday evenings in Florence, NJ. Since I assume most of us will need to get up the next day I'll try to make sure we get started soon upon arrival and keep things moving.

Still developing as an idea so your input can definitely shape this group, jump in and ask questions or make suggestions.



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