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Let's play an indie RPG

Currently I am trekking up to Falls Church, to play at the Compleat Strategist, on Thursday nights starting around 6pm. Walk-in gamers are invited we game in the store till about 10pm.

I would love to find local people, in and around Stafford VA, I can host a game at lest part of the time. I also have friends up in Chantilly what want to start a game of Burning Empires. Will have to figure what days work out..

I am Interested in finding people to play Independently Published RPGs, of the Story Now tradition. Or Board gaming with another couple.

This isn't about genre, power gaming, etc.. It's about engaging storytelling that produces very good stories. Yea, that some pie in the sky BS, but stop by the Strat, sometime the guys will gladly play a game with you.

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