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MTG Player

Hi there I got into Role Playing Games and Magic: The Gathering through GameSoc at Plymouth Uni.

I now live in Broadstairs and Work Full-Time in Dover so can freely travel anywhere between the two places.

MTG-wise I design and build mostly-unique decks of my own design with only mild consideration for competitiveness and no consideration of the current meta. Would love to organize a semi-regular meetup with peeps at a reasonably priced Pub/Cafe for some casual games and/or drafts. I LOVE drafting and am disappointed that there is no regularly attended draft event nearby. I have a a Tapped Out account of you want an idea of the kind of decks I build.

RPG-wise, my introduction was Scion where I got a bit too much into the real-world setting and made a realistic but dull character. We didn't progress all that far until the group fell apart due to uni commitments and the like. Spent some time building a D&D3.5 character (Steam Gnome bard) who came out much better but only got a single session - would love to use him again. Totally up for trying out other RPGs though.

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