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So many systems, so little time.

Greetings! I'm relatively new to the world of RPG's, having only about three years of experience, mostly GMing D&D 3.5 and 4e. I played a few sessions of D&D 3.5 seven or eight years ago, and more recently some one offs in various systems, specifically Fate, 6d6, Dungeon World The Unofficial Matrix RPG, After The End, and Our Last Best Hope. I am currently GMing a D&D 4e game over G+ on Monday nights and am looking for 2-3 players. I would also love to try out some other systems, perhaps Savage Worlds or GURPS, but anything really, and I would greatly enjoy the experience of playing with other groups and GMs. Let me know if you want to game some time!

Additionally, I have set up a Google+ community for table top game enthusiasts in the Delmarva area: If you're nearby, then please join and tell your group. I would like this community to turn into a resource and place for local gamers to meet and share the hobby.

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