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Classic D&D and a big dungeon are all I need.

I like D&D and other classic fantasy games, especially Basic Fantasy RPG, Labyrinth Lord, Microlite74, and the like. I've played and DMed D&D 3e for a long time as well, but I prefer the simpler, older editions... even if they do pre-date me. =p My experience with other games is minimal, I've played some BESM in my youth, and am interested in Battletech, as well as other fantasy games, such as Hackmaster, T&T, C&C, The Riddle of Steel, etc.

I also love games in general, I love trying new games. Board games are great. My favorite "deep" game is Warrior Knights, but I have just as much fun with the simple ones too, like Heroscape, Battleball or Battle Masters. Video games! I play console games, arcade games, and pinball mostly. I don't do too much PC gaming. CCGs... I have a shoebox full of old Magic and YuGiOh cards, which I dust off to play with occasionally. I prefer the pick-up-and-play variety though, like Fluxx, Munchkin or Dungeoneer.

I currently DM a BECMI/RC D&D game online on OpenRPG as well as

...and that's more than you probably ever wanted to know about some stranger's gaming habits.

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