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I'm just some guy.

I'm just some guy. I've been roleplaying for most of my life, and I still like the older style of gaming. I like campaigns that develop story from events after the fact, not having story driving those events or otherwise privileging story. I like "sandbox" style play and game logistics (if not too onerous - it's one thing to keep track of ammunition and meals, quite another to have to expend fatigue for every action). Some people find that kind of gaming dull, but I don't have a need for constant stimulation. The slow times add to the mood. I like long-term campaigns (though I have developed a little bit of "gamer ADD" as a habit from my last group, a habit I am trying to break). I am not fond of the direction that WotC took D&D, and won't play 4E at all (for that matter, it would take a lot of convincing that the game will be awesome to get me to play 3.X/Pathfinder). I like story games fine, but not as a regular game (the reason I left my last group was that one of the players insisted on playing nothing else).

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