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Hello there,

I'm a 36 year old male adult gamer looking for groups of people to game with. I currently run a D&D 4.0 group in the city every two weeks on Wednesdays with an excellent group of guys and I'm always on the hunt for new games. I prefer bi-weekly games or weeknight games as I work quite a bit and have a very full non-gaming social life.

I'm a hard-core, dyed in the wool gamer and have been for nearly 27 years. I used to own/operate Ciper Games in Naperville (1996-2003 RIP) and enjoy such games as Dungeons & Dragons 4th Edition, Star Trek (all flavors), Star Wars, Old World of Darkness, New World of Darkness, Dark Heresy, Shadowrun, Cyberpunk and many, many others. I'm open to short term games and longer term ones but my main emphasis is on a fun, enjoyable game. I like to think I'm a decent and creative role-player and dynamite GM but opinions vary. :-)

Thanks for looking my profile over!

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