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I live in Uptown area of Pittsburgh. I rent a really fun apartment located in a renovated industrial building that used to be an old linen factory. Looking to add another player or two to my group. A typical Saturday evening usually includes my girlfriend and a neighbor friend hanging out, discussing current events, drinking beer from my amazing kegerator, and playing games! Mostly table top gaming but I'd also like to get them involved in D&D but it might be a stretch for them. Board games include: RuneQuest, Last Night on Earth, Citadels, Exploding Kitten, Drizzt, Axis & Allies, various Trivial Pursuits, etc. Un-played, but chomping at the bit in my collection include: Game of Thrones Board Game v2, Puerto Rico, 1776, Imperial Assault, and many more! We also play coop/couch PC and Wii games.

I also have a nice assortment of various D&D stuff collecting dust.

As far as joining other groups, I'm usually available to join Friday night and possibly weekdays/nights and could even host. Looking to get into a lightweight game session of 5e and possible check out some Tolkien RPGs.


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