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Looking for a biweekly game around McCalla

I am looking to get back into gaming in a few months. It's been some years now, but I would like to find a group of gamers to play biweekly or weekly when schedules work out. I work and have a family, so my availability can be hard to pin down.

I'm interested in running Castles & Crusades, Savage Worlds, or Earthdawn. I'll play just about anything. I also like the retroclones, but I really do prefer actual role playing than mere dungeon crawling (video games do that better). I have come to that point in my life where I don't have the time, money, or inclination to read and study game books for hours to plan for gaming, either as a player or GM. I'm not really interested in character creation that takes more than an hour and game sessions that are focused only on combat and powers. I prefer games that are rules light, cheap/free, support a sandbox environment, and where players and GMs come together to produce a fun living story.

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