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20yr GM exp OSRIC,OD&D,AD&D1stEd,Labyrinth Lord

Name is Paul. Have been mastering D&D games for 20+ years. Born in 1978. Have played OD&D, Ad&d 1st/2nd, and D&D 4e. My main experience has been mastering Ad&d 1st/2nd and 4th Ed. Did not like the 3/3.5/3.75 rules. No longer want to master 4E. Have decided to throw my lot in with Labyrinth Lord and OSRIC which are just modified clones of original D&D and Ad&d 1st edition. Looking for players for two campaigns Currently master Labyrinth Lord and OSRIC (original D&D and Ad&d 1st Edition) Im in SALMON ARM BC. IF you want to play you need NO RPG EXPERIENCE. Just a set of dice and the willingness to have fun. Prefer "mature" players. That doesnt mean we cant laugh, joke around, and be silly though!

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