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DRAMATIC theatrical actress/larper


You want me in your ROLEPLAYING game if you need ICONIC and DRAMATIC characters.

I am currently running a changeling the dreaming LARP in the MET system with user: blackflame. Contact one of us if you are interested in playing CHANGELING.

I spend most of my gaming time larping (theater style) lately, because I like a fantastic costume down to the smallest detail. I like a character that you learn things about just by the way she moves and dresses. Oh yeah....chicks dig dress-up. (I'm a chick.)

I cast well. You give me a roll and I can do it. I'm 6'0 and shine up fairly well. My screen named is just for silly. Gaming is ACTING to me.

I can table top, but I do not have a lot of patience for "kill stuff." Then I just wish I was getting exercise rather than sitting around a table eating candy and pretending to be jumping about. However, if you are playing more of a "Agnst and Adventure" than a "Dungeons and Kill Stuff" then you may actually want me in your game....making your party hate each other. Ill be the gay kid that falls in love with the party leader. The ex-prostitute with the dark past - turned cynical theif, or the lawful and wide-eyed adventurer unprepared for the world to fall all around her.

Not real big on board games unless you're my best friend and offering free food. Again - let's go hiking instead.

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