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Call of Cthulhu Keeper NEEDS players

Running Call of Cthulhu (BRP 1920s with some house rules) from palatial Skullhouse in Bernal Heights San Francisco. Rebooting and looking to begin the campaign anew. I have a backlog of prepared scenarios involving - Local cults, Ancient Egyptian horrors, A dark secret involving Native American lore, Mad artists... Numerous long and short scenarios with lots of problem solving and mystery - backed up with props, maps, dioramas etc.

The campaign begins in 1921 San Francisco, where it will be based with excursions up and down the West coast and to Egypt.

I also have a couple of sprawling X-Files style one-shots using a simplified gaming system and LOTS of props, dioramas and misc. chrome.

I've run for as few as one and as many as a dozen players... I'm hoping for a half dozen, more or less regulars.

Past games were run on Saturdays from however early in the day folks could agree on till no later than 10PM. Thursday and or Friday afternoon and evening are also possible.

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