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Old sk00l gamer looking for group

44 year old gamer, 35 years experience. Looking for story-heavy games, but not too sure if I'm into the games that go beyond the traditional GM/player/dice concepts.

I had a weekly game but that has ended; I'm looking to either start/join a weekly group or perhaps a couple bi-weekly ones, or possibly one weekly, one bi-weekly... would love to run a game and play in another, to be honest.

As things stand now, my work week is Wed through Sunday, and I generally get off work about 5pm. Most nights before a workday I can play, but I'd like to be home by 11pm - and depending on where the game is located, that includes drive time. I realise that this doesn't allow for more than 3-4 hours of game time, but if the group stays focused, a lot can still be accomplished. (The game I was running played 3-3.5 hours each weekly session and it was very doable.)

I can play later Sun/Mon nights, as I (regularly) don't work the next day. I'm also available to play day time, if there's a group who can meet then, on Mon/Tues. (It'd be cool to have an afternoon game somewhere, never really have done that since the early 1990s.)

So, to recap, availability is all seven evenings, and Mon/Tues days. I do have a board/card game night with a couple friends that is currently 2-3 Wednesdays each month, so I would prefer to play other nights than that, BUT that's not set in stone.

Also, if anyone out there wants to play online (using either Google Docs or some chat environment as a place to 'meet'), let me know.

Style wise, I prefer ROLE playing over ROLL playing; social/conspiracy/heroics/villainy/politics/adventure over hack-and-slash/dungeon crawls.

System-wise... well for running a game, I'm really dying to run either Fate Core or GUMSHOE. I have about a billion ideas for Fate. For GUMSHOE, I have the Trail of Cthulhu book and backed the TimeWatch game on Kickstarter, so will be able to run that when I get ahold of that. (Yes, I have the PDF they sent to all backers, but I prefer to have a physical rulebook.)

For playing a game, I'm pretty open; I think I'd rather shy away from any d20 or iterations of D&D, or anything with too much crunch like Champions or any Palladium or what have you... though, I suppose for a really good game, that's not written in stone.

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