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Old sk00l gamer looking for group

(LAST EDIT: MARCH 16, 2018)

48 year old gamer, 35+ years experience. Looking for story-heavy games, but not too sure if I'm into the games that go beyond the traditional GM/player/dice concepts.

I work 2nd shift M-F, and some Saturdays (though, oft times, Saturday shift is earlier, depending on 1st shift.) Weeknights are flat out. Weekends are the only real option, and I'd ideally like to find a game that wasn't every single weekend. (Especially if we start getting beaucoup overtime again, I'll need some "me time" in there.)

I realise this isn't the easiest schedule to work with, but it's what I've got.

Also, if anyone out there wants to play online (using either Google Hangouts, Discord, or some other video/audio/chat environment as a place to 'meet'), let me know.

Style wise, I prefer ROLE playing over ROLL playing; social/conspiracy/heroics/villainy/politics/adventure over hack-and-slash/dungeon crawls.

System-wise... well for running a game, I'm really dying to run either Fate Core or GUMSHOE. I have about a billion ideas for Fate. For GUMSHOE, I have the Trail of Cthulhu book and the TimeWatch game.

Additionally, I have TORG: ETERNITY, which I never got to run or play the original TORG game, and since I spent over $200 on T:E, I'd like to play it at some point. (Or run.)

For playing a game, I'm pretty open; I think I'd rather shy away from any d20 or iterations of D&D, or anything with too much crunch like Champions or any Palladium or what have you... though, I suppose for a really good game, that's not written in stone.

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