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Trilingual: role playing, board games, *and* cards

40something intelligent mature geeky fellow, who likes board, card, and role playing games but doesn't identify as a hardcore gamer. Looking for other likeminded folks for creating fun times together.

Roleplaying I like creating delightful stories and cinematic experiences more than "winning", so I don't mesh as well with powergamers or min-maxers. Genre-wise I am only really interested in classic fantasy settings (but from gritty low end through elegant high fantasy). I am burnt out on the d20 engine so interested in other platforms to explore, so I just bought several new source books to check out (Dungeon World, the new RuneQuest 6th edition, Burning Wheel, Novus, and DCC ). Right now Dungeon World is the most interesting to me and I'm hoping to find others that want to give it a spin, but I'm open to the others as well.

In Board and Card games I like medium weight games with subtle strategy and less reliance on luck. I would be considered competitive, but meaning that I am always trying to find the optimal play, and still enjoy being outplayed by someone better. I enjoy euro games down through what some people would call "fillers", plus almost all classic card games (hearts, spades, bridge, canasta, euchre, spite and malice, poker, etc)

I host a monthly board game night for folks in the "alt" community...

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