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Hello! I'm a dungeon master living in Durham near brier creek. I began as a dungeon master when I was living in Portland Oregon when the group I was playing with lost it's DM. So, I wrote my own campaign, tried it out, and it was a big hit with my group. I've moved back to North Carolina, and found that most of my friends have moved on. When my girlfriend, and another friend of mine expressed interest in learning how to play, I got my playing kit together and got everything in order. My girlfriends character is a Deva Wizard, and my friend is thinking about making a ranger and still contemplating the race. SO, ideally, I'd like to find someone that's new to D&D, interested in trying it and is a noob, or someone with some experience that's relaxed and understands that you will be playing with all new players and a still fairly new DM. We play 4.0 version, but being the DM, there will be some times we may revert back towards 3.5. Hope to hear from you!

~~ Logan Jack

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