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Seeking Savage Worlds Groups and Players

I like miniatures wargames and RPGs. These days I do RPGs most. I'm very comfortable GMing Savage Worlds- have run Deadlands: Reloaded and 50 Fathoms for about a year each. I have also run several fun Risus one-offs. I am currently attempting to run a Sundered Skies campaign and looking to play Savage Worlds as well. I play in a Pathfinder campaign once a month and am getting familiar with d20. I had shunned it in favor of Savage Worlds, but now I see its worth.

I'm interested in testing out QAGS and Warcosm, and liked my single play-through of Song of Blades and Heroes. I'm curious to try SotC and 3:16, but haven't had a chance. I play Dominion a lot, especially since my wife likes it.

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