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Veteran RPG Gamer

Veteran Role Player (25+ years!) looking for others to meet in Morristown, NJ for long term game(s). Gamemaster(s) and players wanted. Great gaming area with separate entrance, kitchen and bathroom. The only hook is I would prefer to game here the majority of the time. Looking to game on Wednesday nights, weekly. Our group believes in having multiple GMs so campaigns can be taken a break from, and another game played and then we cycle through the current campaigns as needed. It works quite well.

Games played/interested in; Pathfinder RPG Dungeons & Dragons 3.5 Gamma World/D20 Apocalypse Star Wars Saga Edition Star Trek/Prime Directive preferably D20 Champions/Hero Games Traveller Greatly preferl D20 and Hero systems games.

Please contact me for further info.

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