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West Palm Beaches Premier Escape Room

Legends of Xscape is a fun, interactive game. While it looks like any other ordinary room, it’s actually a mystery puzzle. Find the hidden objects, figure out the clues and solve the puzzles to earn your freedom and make the “Xscape.”

Locked in a room: Timer starts when the door closes. Find clues, solve puzzles overcome challenges and complete your mission all within 60 minutes.

Work as a team: The games are designed for groups of people to use logic and teamwork to achieve a common goal -escape! This is a exciting way for coworkers to get out for a high quality team building exercise.

Escape in 60 minutes: Do you have what it takes to complete all the puzzles within 60 mins? We challenge you to become the next Legend.

324 Datura Street, West Palm Beach, FL 561-406-0611

Contact shale217

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