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D&D 5e Current as of Dec2017

Lawrenceville/Buford/Lilburn gaming group who that meets every other Saturday night for a 5th edition campaign.We rotate hosting duties each session. Currently have 6 members. Looking for folks who have a good attitude and like to role play their character. Contact me here or via semiheroX, at reddit

The current party consists of a Human Bard Assassin, Wood Elf Beastmaster/Druid, Human Shadow Monk, Halfling Barbarian, Tiefling Paladin, and a Dragonborn Berserker.

We welcome anyone else who is interested in gaming with us. All official races as well as the races released in the Elemental Evil campaign welcome (Genasi, Goliath, Deep Gnome, Aarocokra) , including the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide (variant Tiefling, Gold Dwarves, Sun/Moon/Aquatic Elves, and I'll probably take the Minotaur from the Unearthed Arcana as well) and Volo's Guide (Tabaxi, Triton, Kenku, etc)

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