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I love virtually all board and card games. I tend to prefer those over RPGs lately because board games, even really massive board games, are done in one sitting. There's no stress or obligation to make another game session as there is in an RPG. Given my schedule I can't always guarantee I'll be able to make every, or even most, game sessions. That said, I do love RPGs! If folks don't mind come-and-go, drop-in and drop-out players, then I'm in!

Another RPG caveat with me is that I tend to prefer average-sized groups (3 to 5 players). I have never once played in a 6 player game that I truly enjoyed, and I will never play in a 6+ player RPG again. When it comes to board or card games though, the more the merrier! :) Bring on the 8 person 10-hour-long board game! :)

In terms of RPGs, I've lately been interested in learning Savage Worlds and Star Wars: Edge of the Empire, so if you're running those, definitely ping me. I think that's about it.

My favorite game genre is probably the fantasy/cyber-punk hybrid of Shadowrun. I absolutely LOVE that world. The ruleset has always destroyed me though. Just too crunchy for me to easily learn and remember. :-/

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