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Robert of Rob's World! 3e D&D Campaign

GM looking for one player to join our 3.5 D&D group in southeast Aurora, CO. The campaign is 3.5 D&D with house rules. Just reset the campaign/started over at 1st level. The campaign has a long arc, and each adventure usually takes more than a year to complete. See for some of the campaign details/gaming materials. We play on every other Saturday from 4pm - 10pm. Adults only, and no evil characters.

As of 21 Oct, 2019, I'm trying to fill one open seats. If you're interested in following our groups exploits and/or getting on the 'waiting list' please contact me. Please try email gamers 'at' robsworld 'dot' org - Email address intentionally munged to reduce spam.

Rob's World! 3e Campaign

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