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West Sacramento Ave and Nord


My friends and I are starting a Pathfinder pencil and paper gaming group and we're looking for more players. Where: Near W. Sacramento Ave. & Nord, (near University Village). When: Wednesday night between 7:30 pm to 10:30 pm or so (flexible).

We are aiming for a balance between story-line and combat and will start with a couple of one-shot encounters while the group is forming. Then we decide whether to start a pre-made campaign.

So if you like books, movies and stories and have a character that you would like bring to life, or just want to play yourself come explore the forest of Cormanthor, and beachcomb the windswept coast of Sea of Fallen Stars …who knows what you will find…. P.S. We’re going for a family game so no alcohol. There will be some parents in the game …

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