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Long time D&D DM

Hi, I am a long time D&D player that has been playing since 1981. I prefer to DM and enjoy the work involved with designing a campaign to meet the goals of the players - be it an exploration focused sandbox campaign or a plot heavy story game. I enjoy all versions of the game but would rather avoid the heavy-lifting required to DM 3rd edition.

I am currently enjoying DMing Paizo's Rise of the Runelords adventure path using 2nd edition AD&D. The group could use another player. If you are interested email me at p_armstrong [at] email [dot] com.

I am also thinking about a 4th edition campaign using the original PHB, PHB2 and the "X" Power books - just the books no errata (except as printed in PHB2). I found the treadmill of DDI and the errata to be frustrating. It would be set in either Paizo's Golarion or the original World of Greyhawk converted to 4th edition. I think that the original core 4th edition books offer an excellent game.

If such a campaign would interest you email me at p_armstrong [at] email [dot] com.

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