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looking 4 MSHRPG gamers High desert VV area

If you are looking to play a super hero RPG, if you are looking a mature environment where you can enjoy yourself, If you miss the old days of Role playing. Drop me a line I know how difficult it is to find a good game and better yet someone that can host it. If you played D20 Mutant and masterminds or any Superhero based RPG, you'll like this campaign.

I have spread sheets designed to make the generating process easier. If you are a newbie don't worry I would be glad to help you thru the creation and development of your character. Offering to start a Superhero RPG, 4 color, pen and paper campaign. Al levels of experience and GM's welcomed. We used to have a regular game but people move and schedules got in the way. Looking to start a group of (mature people) who would like to meet sometime during the week or weekends to play.

The system I've always have used is the Marvel Superheroes Classic RPG. For no other reason than that you can get all the books from the internet for FREE. The system is basic and easy to learn. My style of GM'ng is story and character driven instead of rule driven (No point in arguing over how many tons a character can lift, because they are fictional characters) We want to have a story that moves and substance instead of a debate about rules.

The campaign idea is basic you are "Almost heroes" . Create and design your character, Street level local city dweller. Your character lives in a world much like our own where Super powers are just starting to show up. Your character's team is the blue collar worker of the hero world. You don't get the glory but get stuck doing all the work, the clean up and paper trail. Lol Choose your powers, abilities and design your own costume (I can help with that too).

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