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Looking for established group, or to start new one

I'm looking for a gaming group that meets in the Denton or Lewisville area. In the realm of traditional fantasy I'd be interested in 3.5e DnD or Pathfinder. Also interested in Dresden Files RPG (and other FATE system games) or Serenity RPG. I also think Mouse Guard would be ridiculous good fun, but I'm not holding my breath on finding a group who will play it.

Beyond that I really don't care about a specific system or game, but would like to find a good group to play regularly with. I like to think I'm a friendly player and I bring snacks (AKA bribes), so if you have an established group or are looking to start one, feel free to send me an email.

Edit: I'm going to toss up some additional systems I have the rulebooks for and might be interested in, just for kicks: d6 Space, d6 Fantasy, Dark Heresy, Rogue Trader, GURPS 4e, Strands of Fate, 47 AD, CJ Carellas Witchcraft, FantasyCraft, Legends of Anglerre. Most of these I have in PDF form (damn those daily specials, they tempt me so!)

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