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Looking for players for a new campaign

I am starting up a new campaign in center city Philadelphia and need a few more players. The system will be based on a relatively new RPG called Shadow of the Demon Lord. I have run a few sessions with it and enjoy it quite a bit and it should be easy for anyone who has played a D20 system to pick up.

The setting will be an alternate Earth [with magic!] in the year 1555. The Viking settlement of Vinland was successful and trade with the rest of North America led to metalworking and other technology spreading throughout the continent. With that came disease but this initual wave of smallpox was crucial in preventing the wholesale catastrophe in our timeline. Nevertheless, the arrival of Columbus set off another wave of disease which killed many.

In the Aztec lands, the boy emperor turned against the blood thirsty gods and had all the priests purged from his realm. The fanatical adherents of that faith fled to the islands of the Caribbean from where they raid the mainland for slaves to this day. It has been 60 years since the plague but the cults of the old gods have not been extinguished...

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