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Fun player looking for a good game

I am an actor and long time Role-Player. I am also a motorcyclist and a computer expert (PC's, not Macs). As for gaming style, I prefer about a 50-50 split between tactical combat to RP. The extremes of the spectrum (totally open {no dice} role-playing, power gaming {min-maxing} and raw hack-n-slash) do not really interest me. I like it right in the middle with interesting character dynamics, great stories and fun, but challenging battles. I am open to different genres and systems and have played quite a few in my time from Cthulu-esque to Sci-Fi to Near Future to classic Fantasy play. Of course, meeting new people, building friendships and having fun feature very prominently in my gaming desire list too.

If you are still reading, I am currently available most nights except for Tuesdays and Wednesdays and would love to get back into a live game (I have been playing on virtual tabletops {Fantasy Grounds 2} for over a year now). If you have a game and are looking for a dedicated, easy going player, give me a shout. Could be fun.

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