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This is my magic murder bag (of dice)

Old-school tabletop gamer here. I started with OD&D when I was thirteen and in the 28 years since then I've played White Wolf, Rolemaster, every version of D&D/AD&D except 5th (but I'm up for that too), Rifts, Savage Worlds, GURPS, Champions, Alternity, Marvel Superheroes, West End Star Wars, Chaosium's Call of Cthulhu...and I'm sure I'm forgetting one or two more.

I'm a mature, personable, reliable, team player-type gamer (no PvP RPGs please), willing to try any system or any genre. I just like to hang out with other gamers and relax after a hard week of that annoying thing called Real Life (tm). Because I work full-time M-F 8-5 (or more), I prefer a Friday or Saturday game, but weekdays are okay if things wrap up by midnight or so.

I'm currently living in zip code 77905 (Victoria county, Texas), and looking to GM a new gaming group. Date and times TBD as people sign up. We'll be beta-testing a new system called Sin Nombre RPG one last time before it goes to retail print (but I wouldn't mind jumping into another game, either). But I'm really itching to run a campaign based on the Fallout games, too, especially now that Fallout 4 was finally announced :) If interested, e-mail

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