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Hi I am looking for a GURPS game in Miami!

Next Event: Haven 2010 10:00 AM April 10-11

Greetings all! I have excellent news for everyone.

The Miami Gaming Authority will be represented at HAVEN 2010.

HAVEN 2010 is a collective gathering of various RPG game systems available. Located in Miami. Florida and hosted by Sunshine Adventure Gaming, this convention is home to several premiere events such as Pathfinder, Living Forgotten Realms, Living Arcanis (Pre-Release Preview), as well as exhibition games of other systems including Call of Cthulu, Star Wars, Shadowrun, Vampire, Werewolf, GURPS, etc.

EARLY Registrations ($20.00) are encouraged as space is limited (Preregistration ends MArch 28, 2010). Walk-ins($15.00 daily) are always welcome and appreciated if space is still available. PLAYER REWARDS include a Door Prize Dice Set, TWO Daily Raffles, Table Rewards for Table MVP and Runner Up.

MIDNIGHT MADNESS is available upon special request for any Pathfinder and/or Living Forgotten Realms!!! Just gather a group together and see the Convention staff for Scenario. DON'T FORGET, Ask convention staff with time and provide relative event record sheet.

Go to to register.

7931 Bird Road #32 Miami, FL 33155 (305)264-1250

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